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Wedding Stories

Love Stories From Our Amazing Couples

Kailua Beach Proposal, She Said Yes! in Hawaii

Jen and Darin had never met me…or spoken with me…and Jen didn’t even know I would be there taking care of her beach proposal photography. Of course, she also didn’t know she would be part of an awesome Kailua Beach proposal either! Darin and she had met in a bar during the time Jen lived in San Antonio, Texas. Stationed there as an army nurse, she likely didn’t have high hopes of meeting the man of her dreams, especially one who rivaled her six foot...

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Wedding photographer hiking Alaska

Kate & Keith’s Wedding Photographers in Alaska Adventure

You may notice that Kate is the one that usually does the writing around here, it's not because I'm bad at it, it's just because she is that good at it. Our Wedding Photographers in Alaska Adventure was such an amazing experience for me that I wanted to take the reigns on writing this post. So without any more delay, get ready to immerse yourself in an incredible adventure filled with breath taking vistas, up close wildlife, and a whole lot of coffee! We landed in...

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Sunrise Kailua Engagement photos Lanikai Beach Oahu Hawaii

Kailua Engagement Session, Beach Meets Forest

Jen & Darin wasted no time post proposal scheduling their Kailua Engagement photos! Literally the next weekend we were out at dawn on Lanikai Beach letting the romance flow! I would say that their intense love was still feeling the effects of the proposal in an outpouring of emotion, but I’ve come to realize that these two are always this affectionate and in love! They are also full of fun and love for the outdoors, which makes a beach session all that much more adventurous! Being stationed...

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NH Seacoast Engagement Session at Odiorne Point in Rye

Even on an overcast day Katie and Mike rocked this NH Seacoast engagement session! They live in Portsmouth with their two pups Barrett and Stella. Odiorne Point in Rye is their go-to place for dog walks, but today they left the furballs at home and had the ocean front park all to themselves! Being true Seacoast lovers, this peaceful spot was the perfect place to let their personalities go wild, and boy did they! Mike works for Sam Adams and Katie is an 8th grade...

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Lake Ontario Wedding, Oswego NY

Brad's home of Oswego is the setting for this New York wedding, but it didn't stop all Jared & Brads's New Hampshire friends and family from making the trek and sharing in the celebration. Flanking Lake Ontario, their October fall wedding day surprised everyone by being 70° and gorgeous! Brad is basically every mom’s dream for their son-in-law, a tall, handsome Harvard grad originally from Oswego, NY. After his masters he joined Teach for America and worked in Mississippi for four years before landing as a math teacher in...

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Summer Camp Wedding in Waterford, Maine

Summer camp weddings have a special place in our hearts, they truly allow for a couple's creativity and unique personalities to shine. Erik and Juliette took this to a new level with a blend of France meets Boston at Camp Waziyatah in Waterford, Maine. Yup, the two worlds converged for a Friday night talent show! Complete with Country Roads, songs in French (if we spoke French we could tell you what!) And audience participation songs late into the evening before everyone turned in to their cabins. Juliette...

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7 Reasons To Plan Your NH Seacoast Wedding Now

Daydreaming of a NH Seacoast wedding? February can be the most challenging month to grasp at memories of summer. Between snow storms, black ice and painfully short days the times of chirping crickets, rain drops pattering on the roof and an endless amount of adventuring to be done can seem like a truly distant dream. However, February is the month of love. The kind of love you grab on to, confirm while consuming a bit too much chocolate and plan on for a lifetime. Yup, it’s...

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Same Sex Wedding at Monadnock Berry Farm

Kelsey & Taylor threw a same sex wedding that rocked the town of Troy, New Hampshire. Dear Kelsey and Taylor, you guys are awesome! #gayFTW On our first call, they told us "We've been together less than a year, we have pet lizards, and we're getting married." It's not often you meet two people in such a young relationship and have no doubts as to their longevity. This is Taylor and Kelsey! Taylor is from Maryland, working as a nanny and going to school for music education with an aspiration...

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Rangeley Maine Lake Wedding at Loon Lodge with Ashley & Frank

While planning her lake wedding, Ashley met us on the phone for a consult during one of our many wedding road trips and I'm pretty sure we forgot to talk about her wedding plans. Instead, we talked about living in Iowa, Field of Dreams, life with a toddler, and by the time we hung up it felt like we had just concluded a best friend catch up session! It was many months later before meeting Frank, and it went the same, making (slightly inappropriate) jokes, uninhibited...

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Rustic Barn Wedding at Kitz Farm, Seacoast NH

Rustic barn wedding? Yes, it's nothing new, but for Adrienne and Morgan it's no trend. The couple recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire (UNH). Adrienne grew up in the far northern region of New Hampshire, the type of girl who is more comfortable with a chain saw than a curling iron. Morgan grew up in Barrington, NH a decendant of the Mayflower (who says that!) and studied environmental engineering. Most recently, he is the proud new owner of our favorite car, the Prius! Where did...

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Mt Washington Resort Wedding Bretton Woods New Hampshire

We planned a FaceTime call for our initial consult with Meredith and Ryan to chat about their Mt Washington Resort Wedding, which is nothing out of the ordinary. But what we were met with when the screen popped alive was enough to replace our coffee with an organic jolt of enthusiastic energy! The pure happiness these two exuded was downright contagious, and after an hour with them we felt like old friends, making jokes at Ryan's expense and commiserating with Meredith over her food allergies. Meredith was...

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