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Love Stories From Our Amazing Couples
Coronavirus wedding planning

5 Wedding Planning Tips During a Pandemic

One of our primary goals is to help keep your wedding as stress-free as possible. When unforeseen occurrences happen, like COVID-19, managing stress can feel like a full-time job. Skip the reading and watch the video! 1. MANAGING STRESS Even for the most chill of couples, wedding planning comes with little bits of stress here and there. The last thing you need to add to that is a worldwide pandemic! Reach out to your vendors if you haven't already heard from them. Ask how things are going, what their...

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Acadia Engagement Shoot

Secret Proposal in Acadia on a Time Crunch!

Nick reached out to us to help him plan a secret proposal in Acadia. He had already lined up a trip for Taylor and himself over Labor Day Weekend in Bar Harbor. Coming from Houston, neither had been to Acadia National Park. Nick saw it was our favorite place and entrusted us to guide him toward the perfect spot for his secret proposal. And of course, we love it when folks seek out our knowledge of Mount Desert Island. It gives us an opportunity to help...

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Surprise Proposal In Acadia National Park

Steven reached out to us about his surprise proposal in Acadia after learning that he’d be speaking at a conference hosted by the Friends of the Pleistocene (an irrelevant detail, but one we just thought was too cool to leave out! I mean- this is the era of the wooly mammoth!).  Not having much experience in Acadia National Park, he was looking for a private location near the water and turned to us to help him find that perfect spot! We love it when our couples...

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Vegan Wedding photographers

What Do I Feed My Photographer?

Confessions of Vegan Wedding Photographers It's an age-old question. And the available answers online are as varied and plentiful as you'd expect from the internet! If your wedding photographers happen to be Kate & Keith though you can trust that this post will shed a light on what it is that we enjoy eating. First, let's get this out of the way, we are intimately aware of how potentially daunting our culinary choices can be. It is for that reason that we never expect our couples to...

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Bride and groom on rocks on shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Lakes Region Wedding

Before we dive into Holly and Andy’s hilarious and wonderful wedding in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, we have to give you a little background on how we’ve come to know these two smart, funny, incredible people. We first met Holly and Andy when we shot Amey and Mike’s wedding in Aruba in 2016. Mike and Andy are both part of a group of college guys whose camaraderie and deep friendship is the stuff of legend. And which is marked by total and utter hilarity. We...

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Acadia Proposal in Southwest Harbor

When Ben reached out to us to photograph his Acadia proposal, he confided that he and his soon-to-be-fiancee, Alyssa, had never been north of Portland on any of their trips to Maine. Never having visited the park, he was eager for some help in the planning process and we were more than a little excited to dig into our deep well of Acadia knowledge to come up with something unique for them! After sending along photos of a few places we knew of that had the...

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Jackson New Hampshire Wedding Weekend

Melissa and Elliot’s Jackson, New Hampshire wedding weekend embodied all of the reasons we LOVE it when we get the opportunity to capture the more complete story that unfolds over the entirety of the celebratory weekend.  We always take time to get to know more about our couples than just their wedding plans, but in this case, beginning with the bridal shower and welcome party, we're able to begin to get to know Melissa and Elliot’s community of loved ones, too. We take note of the infinite...

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Off-Season Wedding Photographers

Ever wonder what your wedding photographers are doing in the "Off-Season?" Well, let's get this boring easy part out of the way, as of course you know our off-season is filled with tons of work. The wedding off-season is when a lot of proposals and engagements are happening. So we're meeting new couples and photographing some pretty fun, albeit chilly engagement sessions. We photograph nonprofit events, professional portraits, and some marketing photography. Also, while most folks are shoveling their driveway, there are some awesome winter weddings...

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Acadia National Park, Maine, lupine, surprise proposal, Mount Desert Island

Summer Acadia Proposal

Are you planning your surprise summer Acadia proposal? We can help! We have decades of experience in Acadia National Park and that experience is how we know all the “secret spots” like the amazing meadow of blooming lupine that Brendan and Casey got to finish their sunset proposal session strolling through!  When Brendon first reached out to us from Rhode Island, he knew he wanted to propose to Casey in Acadia National Park, but was having difficulty finding suggestions beyond Cadillac Mountain. Since Cadillac Mountain in...

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Barn on the Pemi Wedding Photo

New Hampshire Barn on the Pemi Wedding

Have you been thinking of your own Barn on the Pemi wedding? Jill and Matt’s New Hampshire barn wedding is the perfect inspiration, complete with snow, an adventurous family tradition, and plenty of Ben & Jerry's to keep everyone on the dance floor into the wee hours! Jill is a true adventurer at heart with a serious weakness for ice cream. Matt’s a lifelong skier with a love for travel.  When they met at a wedding for one of Jill’s friends from her time living in Singapore,...

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Maine and New Hampshire based fun and adventurous wedding photographers

Adventure Wedding Photographers: What Does That Mean?

We hear the term “adventure” thrown around a lot and since we call ourselves adventure wedding photographers, we were thinking it might be time to talk a little about what that means! (Hint: you don’t have to be getting married on the summit of Kilimanjaro for your wedding to be an adventure…) While there are a lot of ways to define “adventure” from epic cross-country road trips to climbing Mount Everest without oxygen, we actually believe that “adventure” is really just a way of moving through...

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Acadia National Park proposal in the rain

Sunset Proposal In Acadia

If you’re thinking of planning a sunset proposal in Acadia, you should know that not many things will perk our ears up more than any variation of, “Can you guys help me plan my Acadia National Park proposal?” Seriously, it just might be our favorite phrase (well, right after ‘vegan ice cream’ but that’s a whole different story)! We really, really love Acadia (it’s where we got engaged AND married, after all!), and we find it impossibly hard to resist any couple who has folded this special...

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