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A Little Love From Our Amazing Couples

… an amazing wedding photography couple.

Where do we even begin…Kate and Keith are an amazing wedding photography couple.  These two not only captured our wedding beautifully but they also helped orchestrate the chaos that was our Big Day. They helped organize a backup plan for our outdoor ceremony when it was raining but they were still right by our sides taking photos! They worked hard with us before the wedding to understand what we wanted and were efficient on the day-of to ensure they covered all of our requests. These two are extremely passionate about what they do and it truly shows in their work. They are absolutely spectacular at capturing all of the perfect moments — the ones where you think “I wish someone took a picture of that.” Not only are they experts at the technical side of photography but they also are masters of the art, capturing truly unique and candid moments in time. We are so lucky to be able to call this amazing couple our friends! We highly recommend Kate & Keith!
Kelly & Joe

Wedding photography couple

Wedding photographers you can trust

Whimsical, off-beat adventure-lovers with a tremendous sense of fun, charisma, and creativity.

We fell in love with Kate and Keith from the first time we chatted; they both embraced our quirks, encouraged us to think outside the box, and helped solidify aesthetics (not only did they accommodate our crazy ideas, but they encouraged us to dream even bigger, and they ran with everything we gave them), so that when it came time to start taking pictures, we knew that we could trust them completely. Moreover, they clearly love what they do, and the time and effort they put into their craft is evident; they were also great for dispensing general wedding-day wisdom and advice when we were getting indecisive or worried about something for the day in general.

They had preview photos out to us within a couple days after the wedding, and looking over just twenty images (from the first look, to the getting ready, to the ceremony, to the ridiculous Battlestar Galactica pose, which is our new favorite photo ever), we knew that our wedding photos would be the best reflections of the day we could possibly wish. Kate and Keith are a beautiful couple, a brilliant wedding photography couple, professionals, and just kick-ass people all around; you won’t find better.

Emma & Kevin

Most of our guests thought they were just friends with nice cameras!

Kate and Keith called me immediately after I put a request for an opening for our wedding. From that phone call on, I knew we were in fantastic hands. They listened to our ideas yet gave us suggestions and thoughts throughout the wedding planning process. Our engagement session was relaxing and captured great summer moments. But the true specialness of Kate and Keith was that they came Friday–Sunday to capture our entire wedding weekend. I didn’t just want pictures of the bride and groom but of all the events happening with our family and friends over the weekend. They bundled up in 40 degree nights, played cribbage, and participated in trivia just like they were life long friends. I’ve looked at the preview pictures over a hundred times in the past day, and I just can’t keep the smile off my face.

Amanda & David

Entire weekend wedding photographers

Amazing wedding photographers

I was drawn to their ability to catch the natural, authentic moments…

Kate & Keith are amazing people. Their photos speak for themselves and I was drawn to their ability to catch the natural, authentic moments present in gatherings. What I didn’t know until we started working together was the extent of how caring, authentic, & loving they are as people. Andrew and I can’t stop telling people about Kate and Keith & how happy we are that they shared our wedding day with us. If you want some incredible people to be a part of your lives – Kate & Keith are for you. Yes their photos are amazing…. and you also get the gift of their presence.

They are also all of the following:
• Responsive & Reliable • Great communicators • Experts in their field • Solution finders • Creative • Incredibly Organized • Appreciative of Diversity • Great with guests • Understanding & Compassionate

Andrew and I felt appreciated and “seen” by Kate and Keith. We felt they were as invested in our day being amazing as much as we were.

They offered us reassurance and reminders to be in the moment and enjoy every minute. Their calm and collectedness kept others grounded when we were doing group shots & moving many people (180 guests!!).

They are worth the investment and so much more!

Sumoha & Andrew

They did not capture our wedding, they captured the entire experience.

Kate & Keith went to Aruba with us. They did not capture our wedding, they captured the entire experience. From us getting off of the plane, to a sunset cruise, to dancing the night away- they got it all. This wedding photography couple is not only mastering the art of wedding photography but they will also leave your party as friends with all your guests. What a great experience. The best way to describe it, they were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They captured it all yet were in the way of nothing. Kate also helped get the timing details down for me, the frantic bride, and ran the show in a calm collected way to make sure we fit it all in pre-ceremony. The packages they offer are tailored to the couples wishes. I highly recommend Kate and Keith!

Amey & Mike


Maine wedding photographers

I’m honestly not sure if our guests like us or Kate and Keith more.

I don’t even know where to begin. Kate and Keith aren’t “just” photographers. They’re the most incredible, talented, warm, kind, supportive ninja (I was deciding between ninja and wizard… both apply) photographers ever.

I stalked photographers for months trying to find the right team for our wedding. It was the aspect of our wedding that I cared most about getting right. By the time we found Kate and Keith I was ready to put the deposit down immediately. But, again, Kate and Keith aren’t just photographers. They really want to know the couples they work with, and so we spent almost an hour chatting via FaceTime getting to know each other before we all agreed we wanted to work together.

I hope that Kate and Keith will forgive us one day, but my husband and I are probably the most awkward people to ever walk this planet which made the engagement photos a real struggle. I was terrified for the photos, but when they came back they were amazing.

That’s where the wizard reference comes in. We gave them so little to work with and they made us look like Rose and Jack on the front of the Titanic.

As far as the wedding goes, I’m honestly not sure if our guests like us or Kate and Keith more. I’ve never been to a wedding where everyone was obsessed with the photographers. People can’t stop talking about it and we got married almost 2 months ago. This probably goes without saying at this point but we just got the photos back and they are AMAZING. My husband and I, our family, and our friends are all captured perfectly. Even our formal shots have just the right amount of whimsy about them. Also, I don’t know anyone else in this world that could have wrangled up our 90 guests and put them into a group shot in under 5 minutes (shout out to you, Keith, for being super nice while also keeping our friends in line and sticking to the schedule).

It’s hard to not love these two as people and as photographers.

Dana & Mike

Thank you for being our photography lobsters!

We could not have found a better pair to celebrate our special day with us. You both went above and beyond our expectations and dreams.

Matt and I are writing this on our wedding eve, looking back on our wonderful day and the one yet to come.

You feel like family to us and we hope we stay life-long friends.

Ella & Matt

P.S. Could we BE any more thankful?!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Never did I think that having a photographer at my wedding could be such a fun experience. Did they dress up for our costume party (wedding rehearsal)? Yes. Did they take the most amazing pictures? YES! Could they have been more instructive and friendly? Not at all.
We have been to 5 (yes 5) weddings in the last 8 months and nobody compares to Kate & Keith. When I say they went the extra mile I mean they took their expensive cameras out on canoes to take our pictures at sunset. Who does that? Kate & Keith do. We had so much fun and they created such a laid back environment while taking care of business . They truly captured all of our special moments and we will be eternally grateful. Kate & Keith were the best choice of our wedding…besides saying “I do”.

Colby & Sarah

We absolutely love Kate and Keith!

It’s truly hard to put Kate and Keith into words. We learned pretty quickly that these two were more than just our wedding photographers. Our first meeting with them was in a very laid back environment where they took the time to get to know us: what we do for work, where we live, how we met, our hobbies and just so much more.

One of the things that I absolutely love about their photography is that it’s not staged; they simply capture your natural movements, smiles and happiness. As you can imagine, it makes the wedding and after party photos both beautiful and hysterical. All of our wedding guests talked about how much they loved Kate and Keith, the way they just fit right into the crowd and captured so much of the craziness that was happening on the dance floor. Of course all of this is the experience we had with them, which we could never ask for anything better.

We absolutely love Kate and Keith! We couldn’t be happier with the service they provided, the friendship they offer, and the amazing people that they are.

– Tara & Amanda


More than wedding photographers

Best New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

It’s hard to put into words just how amazing Kate & Keith were at our wedding!

The term “photographers” doesn’t begin to describe the roles they played. From helping us coordinate where everyone should stand for the ceremony, to folding pocket squares, Kate and Keith helped make every detail perfect. On top of that, they were so unbelievably fun and friendly … they felt like part of the family. Our wedding weekend wouldn’t have been the same without Kate & Keith! I highly, highly, highly recommend them. They are fantastic photographers, but even more importantly, they are fantastic people. Thank you Kate & Keith!!!

– Juliette & Erik

Mother Nature is no match for these two!!

On our wedding day, the rain threatened to ruin our dream outdoor ceremony in the NH mountains – or so we thought! Kate and Keith arrived prepped with waterproof cameras, umbrellas, and huge smiles. They quickly reminded us why we chose the outdoor venue and ensured us the pictures would be epic. I’m so glad it rained!!! Their black and white umbrellas ended up being the greatest props, and despite the weather, the pictures look like they came out of a magazine! Aside from their incredible talent, they are the most down to earth, fun loving people who instantly put you at ease! Our family and friends are still raving about them. Hands down, THE BEST at what they do!

Jaime & Derek

When I say we had the best photographers ever to everyone I know, I mean it!

Kate & Keith are truly amazing! From our very first meeting to our special day, they are extremely organized and keep in great communication with you. They make everything so comfortable and relaxed. Because let’s be honest, sometimes posing for a picture can be awkward right? 🙂 Kate & Keith made each photograph tell our story, which I personally feel is magical. They captured every single moment! When our photos were ready, they sent us the link and personalized a sweet email to us. We opened the link and looked at our photos and completely re-lived our day, it was so awesome!

Kate & Keith, thank you again so much for everything ♥

– Megan & Brian

Kate & Keith Photography did an INCREDIBLE JOB!

…with both our engagement and wedding picture! SO easy to work with and the prints look impeccable! Thank you so much for trekking all the way out to NY for us! You were one of the very, very best decisions we made for our wedding!!!!

– Jared & Brad

New Hampshire Same Sex Wedding

Kate & Keith were such an amazing team!

We are so grateful to have had them for our special day. They blended in with the guests like photography ninjas! Our engagement photos were incredible and the wedding teasers are amazing! Best part? Josh said Keith was cool as $#!+ to hang out with which chilled him out. Mahalo!

– Thea & Josh

Dear Kate & Keith, To thank you, we don’t know where to start!
When you open with Redhook, Earth day, Ben from Ben & Jerry’s and tiny houses, it seemed you’d shown your best hand first. That, however, was not the case at all. Your promptness, flexibility, and “go with it” approach” was just what we needed to get an amazing engagement session in before the torrents arrived and it was so much fun. You were always in touch and made us feel that nothing could happen to our special day with you both in charge. You captured our day with candor, humor, elegance, and fun from the moment AJ saw you as he drove to the field with Jesse to the perfect shots of the girls getting ready and the guys looking rustic. You captured the personal moments and the fun we had during our ceremony and herded our proverbial cats like cattle… pun intended. And we think Keith put it best, you perfectly captured the “epic party” that ensued at the reception and then with tolerance, patience, and commitment, put us on a path to a wedding album we’ll look at for many years to come. To us, this caring and personal approach was the epitome of professionalism and we can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us through the entire process. We really hope this thank you isn’t goodbye, but just a true recognition of our appreciation of the work you have done for us!– All our best, Michelle & AJ

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Kate & Keith are awesome photographers in every way!

Their pictures are amazing but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They were a fun, helpful, calming presence on our wedding day for us and our families. They were always quick to respond to our many emails and questions and were so flexible as our plans changed and more than game during bad weather. Not to mention that they traveled to meet us for our engagement shoot and our wedding! But let’s get back to the photos – we will treasure them forever! Both our engagement shots and wedding photos (we have the teasers in hand – the wedding was this weekend) capture our bond, our best sides (which Kate and Keith managed to turn into every side), and all the wonderful emotions of both days.

Sasha & Alby

We really lucked out and couldn’t imagine having a better photographer for our destination wedding.

The photos are incredible! Kate was so helpful in the weeks leading up to our arrival in Hawaii. She even helped us find a better beach location for our intimate ceremony. She was very professional, and so sweet and fun to work with. My family and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again, Kate!

Kristin & Mike

Awesome New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

All my guests couldn’t stop complimenting us on how awesome you guys were.

Kate & Keith Photography is absolutely the best group of people and photographers I’ve ever met! Kate & Keith you made mine and Josh’s wedding day so much fun! I haven’t seen any pictures yet but I know they will be breathtaking! You two put so much heart into every picture you take. You guys are beautiful inside and out and we are forever grateful to have met you! Thank you both so much! All my guests couldn’t stop complimenting us on how awesome you guys were. I loved waking up and seeing all the selfies you took with my phone! Such a nice surprise! I will talk to you soon! Xoxoxo

– Cathy & Josh

…it showed in the pictures how much time you spent getting to know us.

Kate & Keith !
Josh and I don’t know how to thank you both enough ! I knew I was going to be blown away, but I truly didn’t expect all that we got and more! There are no words! Every picture was AMAZING!!!!. When we started looking for photographers all I kept saying was that all I want is to able to connect with the photographer(s). We immediately fell in love with you two and I knew that you were a perfect fit! You really wanted to get to know us and it meant so much! And it showed in the pictures how much time you spent getting to know us. The one thing that you said to us was “We want to be able to tell a story of your relationship through the pictures we take on your big day.” Man did you accomplish that and more! Every picture shows exactly how each of us are and how we are as a couple. Right down to how crazy Josh and his best man Seth can be, to Josh’s really cute smile when he scrunches his face all the time, and the true love we have for one another and how easy it was to be in front of the camera and be so comfortable because that’s how we are everyday! I’m truly blown away by all of these photos! You didn’t miss a single thing! We owe you the world for how amazing you made our special day with breathtaking photos! I am so thrilled and emotional because of how wonderful they are! I kept hitting the favorite button and then Josh laughed at me and said ” you’re so cute, there should be a not favorite button and you wouldn’t have to hit the button every picture hahaha.” We truly love you both ! We will talk to you soon!! Xoxoxo

– Cathy & Josh

Capturing every moment, without being intrusive.

Kate and Keith were the perfect choice for Georgia and I. From the first time we met them they made everything so easy and fun. They took absolutley incredible engagement pictures in the rain that surprised everyone who saw them. The day of our wedding was no different. They were capturing every moment, without being intrusive. Every guest could not stop raving about them, and I am not sure you could find people with more enthusiasm to capture your day. The sneak peek pictures from our wedding exceeded our expectations, and we can not wait to see the final product! You can search and search, but you will not find a better, nicer, more professional and enthusiastic wedding photography couple to capture your engagement shoot or wedding day!

Georgia & Tom

Enthusiastic wedding photographers

Amazing and professional photographer!

From weddings to couple shoots Kate is able to capture every moment. My wife and I have now done two sessions with her and we are simply in awe at the end product. As an insanely goofy and un-photogenic guy I thought for sure there was no way she got even one decent picture of me out of the dozens we took – I was blown away by the way she was able to sneak in a beautiful shot between my crazy poses.

Connie & Mike

Kate was absolutely spectacular!

She helped make our wedding day a dream come true, and the photos we have seen so far are beyond perfect!!! We could not have found a more talented and kinder photographer! Would give 10 stars if we could and would recommend her to everyone! Thank you for making our day so special. 🙂

Lindsay & Rob