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Wedding Stories

Love Stories From Our Amazing Couples
adventurous Boston wedding

Boston City Hall Wedding

What could bring us to photograph a Boston City Hall Wedding? It's not our typical thing, so you know it had to have been something pretty special! We met Meghan while working on a project together on Mount Desert Island in Maine. She and her boyfriend Ben were living on her home island for the summer. Meghan, an incredible web designer was building a site for a mutual friend. We were doing the photography. The relationship quickly developed to our photographing Meghan for her own website. Which...

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Rustic Maine Farm Wedding Weekend

Some of the most intensely special weddings we have experienced are the most simplistic. Savannah & Steve's DIY Maine farm wedding weekend was a prime example, getting down to the essentials of sharing their love with family and friends. Originally Savannah & Steve were going to marry at Camp Waziyatah in September. This is how they came by our name. We met at a Portland Maine cafe midweek in the winter. With their toddler in tow, we ate farm fresh sweet potato fries and nearly forgot...

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New England sparkler wedding

Real Rustic Barn Wedding Venue

The Winthrop Carter House is the original New England real rustic barn wedding venue. It's an old estate with the historic homestead attached to a massive barn. The charm is not only authentic and old school New England, but serves as an amazing backdrop for a memorable celebration. Katherine & AJ fell in love with it, and despite the rain, transformed the venue into an expression of their love. Now on to their story! It's not very often we are contacted by the father of the...

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Finding Your Private Proposal Spot in Acadia National Park

Finding a private proposal spot in Acadia National Park can be a real challenge. For years this spot was our family sunset location. We would scoot up here after dinner, armed with fleecy layers and flashlight, for the show. The beauty is that we always have this spot to ourselves. For decades. We've seen evenings where the water is completely still and reflecting orange and red. And we've seen stormy seas with skies moodier than our worst hangry moments. Most special is that we've always...

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Acadia National Park Proposal

Acadia National Park Proposal

Ask us where to propose in Acadia National Park and we'll start getting excited! Maybe we're biased because that's where our proposal happened. Oh, and Acadia is the best place on earth. Couples are either visiting for the first time or are returning to a place they mutually love. Either way, after getting engaged in the park, Acadia becomes the place where their wedding story starts and will always hold a special place in their hearts. We love working together to devise the perfect secret plan to lure the other half...

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Lake Shore Village Resort Photographers

Lake Shore Village Resort Wedding

Keith (the groom) says he and Kayla could not be more opposite. But that's okay, it allows them to fit together to form something that is whole, and makes them such a fun couple. Looking for the perfect New Hampshire lake venue, Kayla & Keith settled on Lake Shore Village Resort wedding for their weekend long celebration. Kayla & Keith grew up in the Dover, Portsmouth area of New Hampshire. They went to the same high school. Keith was dating a friend of Kayla's. Needless to say, the two...

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Loon Mountain Wedding

Loon Mountain Wedding Photographers

Kaitlin & Michael have a streak of adventure and competition in them. When Kait let us know that she was goal setting for Kate & Keith's best photo of the year, we took her seriously. A Loon Mountain wedding is a fantastic starting point for awesomeness to follow. So we set out with Kait & Mike on a mission to create something epic as their Loon Mountain Wedding Photographers. With these two, that was easy! The couple met four and a half years ago online. They...

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Waterville Valley Wedding Photographers

It's no surprise to us that it took a while for Amy & Tom to arrive at their wedding in the White Mountains. They are both the unassuming types. Enjoying the small moments in life and not trying to make anything happen unnaturally. So naturally we were honored when they asked us to be their Waterville Valley wedding photographers. Tom had been on OK Cupid about a year and a half. So had Amy. They were both about to give up. Then Tom saw Amy had...

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Baxter State Park Elopement Photographer

Tera & Andy traded in the DJ, flowers and bridal party for a hike in the mountains! Their Baxter State Park elopement on one of the trails to Katahdin was every bit as amazing as the most glam wedding. The three mile hike to secluded Chimney Pond was both stunning and life affirming. Their journey, however, started halfway across the country. Both from Wisconsin and UW graduates, they live in Madison. A world away from Maine. However, last year they visited Acadia National Park and fell in...

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Acadia National Park Wedding, Schoodic Point

Acadia National Park Wedding

Erin & Miguel's life stories read like world class resumes. Although for both, it's hard to tell whether they are renowned scientists or elite outdoors athletes. They're both! And their Acadia National Park wedding was the perfect setting to capture their diversity. Erin & Miguel both attended Bowdoin College in Maine, studying neuroscience. Bowdoin is a relatively small college, so they had seen one another around. It wasn't until their neuromolecular biology spring break trip that they really connected. Okay, so not a normal college Spring Break...

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Real Farm Wedding

Real Farm Wedding New Hampshire

Becky & Salt took "rustic farm wedding" to a perfectly literal new level. Throwing an intimate real farm wedding in New Hampshire - one with chickens, sheep, horses and manure. Becky brought with her a love of the outdoors, Zoe, her cherished pup and a sense of positivity wrapped around love. Salt brought with him a vibrant young daughter, a love for all things ocean and a commitment to stay true to himself. Together they live by the New Hampshire ocean soaking in all it has to...

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Camp Matappni Wedding

Camp Mataponi Wedding Photographers

Both Omar & Allyson are Mainers through and through, making their Maine camp venue an obvious location for one of the hottest parties so far this year. Literally. We're pretty sure June 10 was the first real summer day in Maine for 2017! Being Omar & Allyson's Camp Mataponi wedding photographers meant we were signed on for four days of summer camp fun. Their story begins with Al Gore. Ok, not really. It started online. Omar claims with certainty that Match.com was the best $60 investment...

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