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Grafton Vermont Wedding Photographers

Are you looking for Grafton Vermont wedding photographers to help you decide if this is the place to get married? Well, we definitely recommend it and Nat & Justin's wedding weekend photos from the Grafton Inn will show you why! Before we share more of their incredible wedding weekend, let’s take a step back to the beginning.  They have a great story that starts over a EuroCup soccer game in Madrid...

Southern Vermont Wedding

Grafton Inn Vermont Wedding Venue

A Grafton Inn wedding sounds like quaint and rustic Vermont just by name (and the fact it’s in Vermont.) Yes, it has a certain level of charm that only a Vermont wedding venue can pull off, with rustic barns, New England farmhouses and empty country roads. Unique from so many other venues is the incorporation into the village. With charming new englanders spread around the town center, it's down by the river, and adjacent to the country store, the Grafton Inn is the town. And it...