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Secret Proposal in Acadia on a Time Crunch!

Nick reached out to us to help him plan a secret proposal in Acadia. He had already lined up a trip for Taylor and himself over Labor Day Weekend in Bar Harbor. Coming from Houston, neither had been to Acadia National Park. Nick saw it was our favorite place and entrusted us to guide him toward the perfect spot for his secret proposal. And of course, we love it when folks seek out our knowledge of Mount Desert Island. It gives us an opportunity to help...

Surprise Proposal In Acadia National Park

Steven reached out to us about his surprise proposal in Acadia after learning that he’d be speaking at a conference hosted by the Friends of the Pleistocene (an irrelevant detail, but one we just thought was too cool to leave out! I mean- this is the era of the wooly mammoth!).  Not having much experience in Acadia National Park, he was looking for a private location near the water and turned to us to help him find that perfect spot! We love it when our couples...

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Acadia Proposal in Southwest Harbor

When Ben reached out to us to photograph his Acadia proposal, he confided that he and his soon-to-be-fiancee, Alyssa, had never been north of Portland on any of their trips to Maine. Never having visited the park, he was eager for some help in the planning process and we were more than a little excited to dig into our deep well of Acadia knowledge to come up with something unique for them! After sending along photos of a few places we knew of that had the...