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Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Weekend

Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Weekend

Elissa & Spencer’s hunt for a Wolfeboro NH wedding photographer led them right to us, and we couldn’t be happier. When you meet Elissa and Spencer, you would be hard pressed to imagine a time where they didn’t exist without one another. After knowing them only briefly, you would wonder how there could be one without the other. Rather than imagining the awkward void, we’ll just tell you that life with their synergy is just plain enjoyable!

Wolfeboro NH Wedding Photographer

Part of what makes them so fun is the energy and love of life in their families. Both come from very close, supportive and energetic homes. Spencer’s family bounces off the walls with energy, Elissa’s is always up for a hike or adventure. Combine the two, and you get a fantastic weekend filled with fun and exploration!

rehearsal dinner Wolfeboro Inn, NH Wedding Photographer
Wolfeboro Inn, NH Wedding Photographer
Getting ready Wolfeboro Inn, NH Wedding Photographer
Wolfe's Tavern Wolfeboro Inn, NH Wedding Photographer
Wedding Morning Wolfeboro Inn, NH Wedding Photographer

Enjoying a wedding weekend at the Wolfeboro Inn includes plenty of relaxing down-time to spend catching up with family and friends. Spencer’s dad was able to take some time with Uncle Steve down in Wolfe’s Tavern for a cold beer. Meanwhile plenty of old friends and traveling family stopped by to chat with Spencer as he chilled, stress-free (we think) on the deck.

Relaxing in the Bridal Suite Wolfeboro Inn, NH Wedding Photographer
Enjoying Wolfeboro, New Hampshire wedding day

While the girls were taking their time getting ready in the Wolfeboro Inn’s bridal suite, Spencer and the guys walked downtown to check out the antique boat show on Lake Winnipesaukee. “Hey! Did you know there’s an antique boat show downtown?” Spencer and Elissa take every opportunity to explore and enjoy life throughout New England, from breweries to coffee shops, coast to mountains. Elissa grew up the youngest of three girls. “Army brats,” their dad spent twenty years flying helicopters. After retirement, the family landed in Syracuse. She went to school in Keene, New Hampshire, lived in France then came back to NH.

Wolfeboro Inn, New Hampshire wedding day
Wolfeboro Inn, NH wedding day getting ready
Wolfeboro Inn, Bride Kriss Kosmetics
Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Dress Maggie Sottero

Spencer grew up in the Granite State with two older brothers spending summer days on Lake Winnipesaukee. He went to school in Syracuse, lived in Spain, then came back to NH. Are we starting to see a pattern here?

Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Groom
Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Groom's Father
Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Gifts
Groom Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Photographer NH
Storytelling Wedding Photography New Hampshire

Their parallel lives crossed once again online with OK Cupid! Spencer initiated with a comment about how they both shared a love for language studies. They followed up with a meeting for dinner and finally began dating! Two years later, they live together in New Hampshire. Elissa works as a high school French teacher. While Spencer majored in Spanish, he turned towards his other major in chemistry, now working in high end adhesives in safety compliance. Although he may have more passion for the family business as he is looking to begin working at his father’s financial services firm this fall.

Wolfeboro Inn wedding rings Richter's Jewelry
Wolfeboro Inn Bridal Suite Getting Ready
Wolfeboro Inn Bridal Suite Getting Ready Photography
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Wolfeborro Inn
Maggie Sottero Wedding Gown
Bride before wedding wolfeboro, NH

They both come from intelligent, loving, adventurous families, full of laughter and admiration for their youngest members. Over the course of the weekend, it was hard to tell who belonged to which family.

Wedding Day Wolfeborro Inn
Wedding Flowers Laurel LeMaistre Wolfeborro, New Hampshire
Bride Aisle Wolfeboro Inn, New Hampshire Wedding

Bride Groom Wolfeboro Inn, New Hampshire
Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Gazebo
Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Groom Bride photographer
Wolfeboro Inn Gazebo Flowers Laurel LeMaistre

Elissa and Spencer glow in each other’s presence. They are each focused and independently strong within themselves while being selflessly committed to the other! Spencer’s mom says he was the angel child (seriously, just meeting Mike and Dan will confirm this!) Elissa’s mom has a grace and beauty that shows exactly where Elissa gets it from.

Mens Wearhouse Wedding Groom New Hampshire
Mens Wearhouse Wedding Groomsmen New Hampshire
Wolfeboro Inn Wedding Photos

After their gazebo ceremony the Wolfeboro Inn has a wonderful location for family formal photographs with a great view. Finally after formals, Alissa & Spencer were able to take a breath and settle in to each other as they shared some quiet time looking out on Lake Winnipesaukee. Spencer’s complete adoration flows from the look in his eyes, which he can’t take off his partner. Elissa’s eyes smile in his presence and an instant sense of contentment flows through her. Seriously, their love makes you feel at peace.

Wolfeboro Inn Lake Wedding Photos
Wolfeboro Inn Lake Wedding Views Photos
Wolfeboro Inn Ballroom Details
Wolfeboro Inn Ballroom First Dance Photos

These two may not be the ones dancing on the tables or starting the conga line at your party. But, after meeting them, you’ll understand they operate on a deeper level. And they will be the ones who stay the longest to help you clean up as they trade Friends quotes and create inside jokes. They are the ones you can call when you’re in need and not worry if they will be there. They are the ones who you can count on to join in an adventure to a new foodie hot spot on the water. And they most certainly are the ones you depend on to always be together, maybe one day with a French Bulldog in tow.

Wolfeboro Inn Ballroom Reception Photos
Wolfeboro Inn Ballroom Reception Photos
Wolfeboro Inn Ballroom Wedding Reception Photos
Wolfeboro Inn Ballroom Wedding Reception Photos

Their happiness is invasive, pure and every bit as grounded as the love stemming from both their families. They began their married life from the beaches of Mexico, and we have no doubts many more adventures are to come!

Wolfeboro Inn Ballroom Wedding Reception Photos
Wolfeboro Inn Gazebo Wedding Photo


Wolfeboro NH Wedding Photographer Details:

Wolfeboro Inn  – Venue
Melissa & Kriss with Kriss Kosmetics – Hair & Makeup
Laurel LeMaistre – Flowers
Maggie Sottero – Bride’s Gown
Marry & Tux Bridal – Bridal Shop
Men’s Warehouse – Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire
David’s Bridal – Bridesmaid’s Dresses
Richter’s Jewelry – Rings
Joey from Main Event – DJ
Chickadee Hill Cakes – Cake
Wolfeboro Inn – Catering

Are you looking for a Wolfeboro NH wedding photographer? or dreaming of an equally epic weekend wedding in the Lakes Region? Give Kate & Keith Photography a call!!!



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