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Mt Washington Resort Wedding Bretton Woods New Hampshire

Mt Washington Resort Wedding Bretton Woods New Hampshire

We planned a FaceTime call for our initial consult with Meredith and Ryan to chat about their Mt Washington Resort Wedding, which is nothing out of the ordinary. But what we were met with when the screen popped alive was enough to replace our coffee with an organic jolt of enthusiastic energy!


Mt Washington Resort Wedding


The pure happiness these two exuded was downright contagious, and after an hour with them we felt like old friends, making jokes at Ryan’s expense and commiserating with Meredith over her food allergies.




Meredith was living in her hometown of Holyoke, MA. She is the type of person who doesn’t let the negative pervade, however at this stage of her life was quite certain the type of man she did not want. Reading over her Match.com profile, you would have thought she was writing the genetic code for her required man, rather than opening the door for Prince Charming.


Small town Colrain boy, Ryan, was either oblivious to her “snotty specificity” or enamored by it and reached out with a message that was “so darn genuine” he captivated Meredith immediately.




Honestly, it’s nearly impossible not to be affected by Meredith. Her personality is the type that is so infectious she doesn’t just light up a room, but a whole house! Ryan, the father to two amazing boys, 17 year old Bruce and 10 year old Carter, was more than ready for the ray of sunshine to come his way.


Blog-Compass Mt-Washington-wedding-10

Ryan was in cahoots with Meredith’s mom planning out his proposal. The two love hiking, and Ryan chose this as a perfect backdrop for dropping on one knee. What he wasn’t anticipating was Meredith deciding she would rather stay in bed on that morning! His prodding worked and the couple headed off with 5 month old puppy, Lucy.



Lucy wandered off while Ryan pulled out some ginger beer, knowing champagne would have tipped Meredith off. He went down on one knee and Meredith started bawling! Ryan had to interrupt his proposal to make sure she was okay before receiving the positive response he was hoping for.



Mt Washington Resort Wedding

The couple began their whirlwind plans for a family-only Mt Washington Resort Wedding in the White Mountains, home to some of their favorite getaways. A larger reception was planned for two weeks after to include their wide group of friends. All to happen three months after the engagement!



What they weren’t counting on was a gale force wind and sideways hurtling rain at the exact moment the ceremony commenced, causing Meredith to shout out “Can we do this somewhere else?!”




And of course, right as they kissed, the rains stopped and an amazing gathering of fog and moody clouds flooded the valley.



Now, this may have been a pretty epic day for Ryan and Meredith (and the entire Washington Valley) but it also happened to be Carter’s 10th birthday!



And while the last light faded and the family convened in the dining room for a birthday/wedding celebration, the couple enjoyed their first private moments as husband and wife.



Dinner began, Bruce drank a record breaking number of Shirley Temples, and Carter got the cake!



We’re not only incredibly happy for Ryan and Meredith, but selfishly thrilled to have these two as friends! AT&T may be coming after us soon to suggest we add them onto our family plan!

Blog-SignatureMt Washington Resort Wedding Vendors

Omni Mount Washington Hotel – Venue, Catering, Cake and Spa
Ivy & Aster Floral Design – Flowers
Rhoda Quint – Officiant
Ralph Lauren Wedding Collection – dress

Kate & Keith Photography! – Having a Mt Washington Resort wedding? Or other equally awesome wedding? We’d love to be your wedding photographers!



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