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Alana & Mike’s Mack’s Apples Engagement Photos

Alana & Mike’s Mack’s Apples Engagement Photos

Mike reached out over the summer to ask for location advice for his secret proposal, but what made us swoon was his time lapse capture of it. Picture New Hampshire’s Gould Hill Farm with a blanket underneath apple trees in lush green grass and an overflow of emotion with a nearly forgotten picnic basket.

Cute girl getting a kiss

We met with Alana and Mike for their initial consult at Café la Reine in Manchester, NH. Mike shared some awesome stories (and video) of college days in Hawaii hiking hairy ridgelines with turquoise surf slapping the cliffs below. And as the winter gusts pushed through the cafe door I think we were all wishing for the Oahu tradewinds!
When asked what they envisioned for their engagement session, they painted an image of a snowy, rustic, country theme. Talk about brave! Alana showed up for their 9am session in a short, lightweight dress. It was about 9º out that morning with a brisk wind cutting through the air.

Couple in front of barn doors

Kissing couple

We kept the jeep close by and had Alana hop in every now and then to warm up while we set up scenes, changed locations, and chatted with Mike about the weather! Mack’s Apples in Londonderry has been one of our favorite summer locations and proved to be a January winner as well! There are so many options on the property as well as the nearby Morrison House at the Londonderry Historical Society. Between the two there are several barns, rustic out-buildings, and an old Colonial home painting a quintessential New England backdrop for photos.

Winter Engagement Photos

Blog-Compass New Hampshire engagement photos

a cute couple in front of a rustic barn

The fact that both Mike and Alana never lost their smiles despite the bone-chilling weather is a testament to their spirits and leave us anxiously awaiting their summer wedding. Until then we hope to meet for more coffee and a warmer weather hike or two!

Mack's Apples londonderry, nh


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  • dee

    January 30, 2015 at 11:30 am

    What a beautiful way to start a future together. Brought tears to my eyes. You guys are beautiful together and I can’t wait to see more of the beautiful moments and memories you will share.

  • Carey

    February 2, 2015 at 4:36 am

    Wishing you both nothing but the best and many happy years together. You look so in love and I am so happy for you. I miss you both. These pictures came out great!!!!!

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